Study Background


This study aims to improve prevention and diagnosis of stroke and develop novel stroke therapy by evidence obtained from FSR. By integrating and analyzing data of patients with stroke, we aim to improve the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of stroke. 

Our mission

FSR enables the research and development of useful preventive methods and treatments and helps in constructing a new strategy for developing diagnostic reagents, therapeutic drugs, and study design for clinical trials. Dissemination of the information from FSR will help improve healthcare and the welfare of patients with stroke.

Future perspectives

In this study, we evaluate the usefulness of the diagnostic techniques and effectiveness of treatment through FSR, and the prognosis of patients with stroke through surveys and follow up after discharge. We also perform genomic and proteomic analyses to reveal the causes or pathophysiology of stroke. Through these investigations, we clarify the issues on stroke care, discover the most effective stroke prevention measures and post-stroke therapy, and possibly develop new diagnostic procedures, treatment methods, and therapeutic drugs.