Establishing evidence to
improve stroke treatment.
What is the FSR ?
(Fukuoka Stroke Registry)

In an aging society where the incidence of stroke is increasing, we need more effective preventive measures and more efficacious post-stroke therapy. However, data on epidemiology, clinical outcome, and prognosis of patients with stroke are currently insufficient. There is an urgent need for evidence-based medicine (EBM) for stroke to be established. Consequently, we have established a multicenter registry system known as the Fukuoka Stroke Registry (FSR). This database contains clinical data of patients with acute stroke who were admitted to any of the seven stroke centers in Fukuoka, Japan within seven days of disease onset. These participating medical centers are equipped with stroke care units and can provide the best medical services currently available for stroke. Patients were diagnosed based on the standardized diagnostic criteria and were given optimal treatment. Through our research (FSR), we aim to investigate individuals at risk, to further elucidate the pathogenesis, clinical course, outcomes, and prognosis of stroke; to reduce stroke incidence; and to improve the activities of daily living and quality of life in patients with stroke.